Ekopa(c)k expands international operations

Ekopak is a West-Flemish company active in the field of industrial water management. It specializes in the creation and conditioning of process water. Innovation has always been the driving force behind the Tielt-based company, which culminated in the company recently winning the award for most promising West-Flemish enterprise.

And the company is making good on that promise. Two years ago Ekopak expanded its services cross-border and is currently operating installations in various European countries such as Portugal, France, Poland, Ireland, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

This rapid expansion and fast-growing international interest was once again confirmed recently, by a new order placed out of Pakistan. Together with Vyncke, Ekopak co-engineered an installation for this project that transforms well water into demineralised water meeting the strict quality requirements for use in steam turbines. The entire set-up was developed as a “containarised solution”. This entails that all required equipment is fully installed in the containers beforehand. Upon arrival in Lahore, all that was left to do was to connect the container in order to start up the plant.

Ekopak en Vyncke are very proud of their co-engineering results. Once assembled, the containers transform into one big space, equipped with control panels, a fully-functioning lab, air conditioning, solar panels … all set for shipping to Karachi.

The new concept, and by extension the new company, was aptly named Ekopack, the “c” referring to “containerised”. This will be the brand under which Ekopak will further expand its international activities.  The order book meanwhile looks very promising and will undoubtedly generate considerable direct and indirect local employment. “Yes! It’s going well!”, confirms CEO Pieter Loose. This understatement is emphasized by the company’s creed: water is the driving force of all nature.