Contains all you need

Our containarised solution includes all equipment and functionalities required for your water management needs: dosing and blowdown stations, disinfection units, water softeners, decarbonation and demineralization devices, reverse osmosis units, filtration devices …

Once installed, everything is in place to transform well or process water into demineralised water that meets the strictest environmental and operational quality requirements.

Endless modular possibilities

One of the major assets of the containerised installation is its compactness. Every inch of space is utilised and due to its modular construction, the possibilities and combinations are virtually endless.

In consultation with the client, the structure can be varied and customised by extending the containers in height, length and width to make place for a filter room, electrical room, CIP room, chemical room, buffer room, operator room …

Easy to install

Our container set-up enables us to do most of the construction at Ekopack’s headquarters. This approach not only facilitates the transport, but also leaves but a minimal amount of work left to do on-site. Easily built, easily shipped, easily implemented.